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Topic: Cryptum kudos

From: Bane Kerr
Location: Louisville, KY
Date: 03/22/2011

Hey man, just wanted to commend you on a fantastic story.

I usually read Military sci-fi or space opera stuff and this was my first hard (if the term applies) sci-fi book and was pretty impressed. I've never read any of your work and am now curious about what to look into next. From what little research I've done Forge of God sounds interesting, but what would you suggest to someone just getting into the genre? What would be most similar to Cryptum's feel?

Also, I'm sure you can't mention specifics yet but is there any kind of rough timeframe for when the second Forerunner book will be around? Are we still a couple of years out or more? I'm hoping it's not too long of a wait after the chill I got from the last passage in Cryptum.

Thanks for the great work, and I look forward to more.


Re: Cryptum kudos

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/09/2011

Thanks, Bane! I regard military sf and space opera as (occasionally) good hard sf, so HALO CRYPTUM fits right in. FORGE OF GOD and ANVIL OF STARS should definitely be on your list, as well as a novella called HARDFOUGHT and one of my biggest sellers, EON, which is chock full of stuff that seems to lead right into HALO. And of course check out STARSHIP TROOPERS and RINGWORLD and THE FOREVER WAR if you haven't already, as well as, for a real romp, BILL THE GALACTIC HERO.

Re: Cryptum kudos

Location: California
Date: 05/01/2011

Greg Bear is an author of reknown. This Cryptum series is one of the worst I have read in 50 years. The motivations are shallow; may as well have this on Xbox. This is SyFy in print.

Both I and my son are PhD's in Physics. This is not the Forge of God; this is not Anvil of Stars; this is not even close to the Forever War. This is more L Ron Hubbard than Robert Heinlein. Every one needs to make money.

Re: Cryptum kudos

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/25/2011

Happy to take all comments on this. Thanks, JJ.

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