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Topic: Third Industrial Revolution and our next step of evolution?

From: Sean Van Duser
Location: California
Date: 03/05/2011

Dear Mr. Bear and Quantum Thinkers,

Three questions for creative minds if you care to tackle them.

1.What payload delivery system do you predict will bring humanity to the next step ?

2.If you had only 1 million dollars and the ability to engineer anything your mind could conceive, what would it be?

3.What do you predict will be the first emerging market to launch the third industrial revolution and space commerce?

Your loyal fan and future space entrepreneur


Re: Third Industrial Revolution and our next step of evolution?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/03/2011

Great questions! My answers will be delivered through
FutureEx quantum gene packeting. Readers are invited to send in their own thoughts through this website!

Re: Third Industrial Revolution and our next step of evolution?

From: Erik Svensson
Location: Stockholm
Date: 06/23/2011

1. When shopping at the grocery store and such, some IR-camera that is able to identify each person's unique facial profile. With an IR-camerra, each person has its own spesific signature. This combined with other personal traits, would identify every single registered person when entering the store, in the most comfortable and discrete way Meaning you wouldn't need to touch any buttons, remember any code or have any lasers scan your face. The money are then transferred from your account. When we are talking about bigger transactions, or shopping on the web, iris scan or another safe technology would be the thing. In short, a system that identifies you simply by observing you.

2. If I had the ability to build whatever I wanted, I wouldn't care about money, as long as it was enough. I would have built one of the following devices:

An electronic brain that was actually able to think, with an intelligence that was higher than that of a human. The brain would then be able to create a better version of itself, and the new one an even better version, and so on. The start of the so-called singularity. Soon we would have a new kind of math and physics. The biggest challenge could be to understand these new brains.

A neutrino laser. Why waste money on fiber optics and communication satellites, when you could just send a beam of neutronis through earth itself, even the molten core of earth? of course you would need a receiver that was able to register the beam.

Some environmentally friendly way to get energy. Like fission of abundant matter without making any toxic or radioactive waste products. Or extract the energy from earth itself, like Nikola Tesla is said to have experimented with.

Real nano technology. Building molecular machines atom by atom, and fast enough and in large enough large quantities to make it worth the effort. Among other things, these would be able to break down molecules and matter in general into its individual elements. The ultimate recycling.

A tool that would be able to discover the hidden mechanisms of DNA. A lot have been discovered the last decades, but there is still a lot we don't know, especially about communication and the reading of information between and within cells. (Among others, I have heard that DNA inside all living cells emit photons.)

3. I belive genetics will be the next big thing; meat grown without animals, apples, oranges, nuts and cherries without trees. Other products are diamondoid materials and metamaterials (artificial materials engineered to have properties that may not be found in nature, or properties found in various degrees in materials made from other building materials). Cheap and organic cars, computers and other everyday products that will partly or completely decompose after use. Tasty food that is also healthy, and grown in urban areas.

Minor objects:
Tools that are able to put a person in a meditative state of mind through different kind of feedbacks and inputs. either electric devices and/or legal drugs with no negative side effecs. Who wouldn't pay to be able to remove stress from everyday life without harmful drugs, alcohol or months or even years of training and preactice? Electronic books and comics that looks and feels like the real thing, with pages that is almost like real paper. But the text and images will change when you put in a new chip in the back of the book, or add wireless digial information that contains a new story, and does noe emitt light to save energy (no energy will be used before the chromatophores are changing the content again).
Combines computer screens and webcams which makes it possible to see the person(s) you are talking with on the web, directly into their eyes. As everybody knows, this is not possible with today's webcams.

The setting/backdrop of a high-tech future is always interesting, no matter if we are talking about a science fiction story, or serious and educated predictions.

Re: Third Industrial Revolution and our next step of evolution?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/07/2011

Thanks, Erik! I think the hardest of these projects is going to be a true electronic Thinker.

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