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Topic: "Living Room" holo-decor

From: Jeff Beam
Location: Washington, DC
Date: 02/17/2011

Just finished re-reading "Eternity" for the umpteenth time and then randomly came across the following link demonstrating a projector technology by a Dutch company (called "Mr. Beam" - coincidence, no relation to myself) which is eerily like the projected room decors described in the Thistledown chamber city apartments. Wonder if they're up on their Greg Bear? Awesomely cool:


From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/03/2011

Thanks, Jeff! They might also be up on their Arthur C. Clarke. He had something similar (with teleported matter being projected) in THE CITY AND THE STARS.


From: Roald Laurenson
Location: San Diego Area
Date: 04/13/2011

Jeff, I have to say I really enjoyed Mr. Beam.

The Rio de Janiero cola store moved into Hull Zero One was a lot of fun, while the living room with couch was just great.

I think they will really have something when there can be people on the set...

However, it is quite fascinating how real they can get the projected surfaces to look already. Those must be some projectors.

I've often enough considered about Greg's auto-architecture. Maybe it's nano that figures in, but perhaps it is really more like the fake matter in the Anvil of Stars novels.

Anyway, fascinating stuff, the kind of thing you might get when deep research physics comes across the next thing past quantum mechanics. Not a linear progress I am sure.

Regards to each, and thinking how much enjoyment Greg's works hold.

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