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Topic: Having trouble getting Mariposa for Kindle

From: Brent Rieck
Location: Portland, OR
Date: 02/02/2011

In a previous message I'd asked if Mariposa was available for the Kindle and somebody (the webmaster?) responded (very quickly!) with a link to ereads:

When I choose the Kindle format and click the buy button ereads.com sends me to this url:

Which is a 404/page not found error, searches on Amazon's site only result in the paper editions of the book.

Is this a snafu which will be resolved soon? Or is the book not actually available for Kindle?


Re: Having trouble getting Mariposa for Kindle

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/02/2011

Sorry about all this, Brent--we're working on getting it back up at Amazon direct. It's an error on the supply side, obviously...

Re: Having trouble getting Mariposa for Kindle

From: Roald Laurenson
Location: Imperial Beach
Date: 02/02/2011

Greg, hopefully this might be a good opportunity, also.

Remember remarking before, that the layout of Mariposa was originally pretty botched on the Kindle, and in a way that made it very hard to read.

The problem was greatly exaggerated whitespace between paragraphs. Thus your situation-reaction line method, which is particularly deployed in the first half of Mariposa, is really broken up. Also the pages then each contain little actual text.

I think it's pretty important to the ability to read and get the sense of what's read, else would not mention.


Re: Having trouble getting Mariposa for Kindle

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/18/2011

I've experienced those formatting problems on a number of Kindle texts. I'll check with eReads and see what the issue is!

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