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Topic: It's a great 'Bear' book season

From: crisbaj
Location: san diego
Date: 01/20/2011

Hey, Greg! Can't say thanks enough for kicking out TWO books in this season. Hull Zero-Three was awesome, very thought-provoking about our twisted human existence. I just picked up the Halo book and in the early chapters, so-far, so-good to a non-Halo gamer.
Thanks, man!

Coming to Comic-Con this year???


Re: It's a great 'Bear' book season

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/23/2011

Thanks, crisbaj--making our plans for Comic-Con now.

Re: It's a great 'Bear' book season

From: fishing bait
Location: US-SSR
Date: 02/07/2011

I'm looking foreward to getting and reading these 2 new books as soon as I finish Darwin's Radio and City At The End Of Time. I'm very picky about the science fiction that I read and only 2 authors usually make my list-you and Gregory Benford. I'd say A.C. Clarke-but he died and I've read all of his books. Keep up the good work!!

Re: It's a great 'Bear' book season

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/25/2011

Thanks from this Greg!

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