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Topic: the didact *spoilers*

From: Khiem Ta
Location: california
Date: 01/17/2011

Hey Greg, Cryptum was a great, great book man! I just wish the real Didact hadn't met such an ignominious end, and offscreen (so to speak) no less! I hope there will be room to revisit his death and inject a little more... memorable..ness? to it? Even though he is now subsumed and merged with Bornstellar, I don't think it should be forgotten he was his own, Heroic being once.

And I think it's so great that you take the time to answer every thread here. I'd like to think I would've done the same in your shoes, but it almost makes one wonder where you get the time to write books =)

New, Big fan here. btw, which of your previous books would you recommend I start with as an appetizer to your fiction?

Re: the didact *spoilers*

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/18/2011

Thanks, Khiem! More surprises in store...

As for trying out my books, how about HULL ZERO THREE? And if that meets your approval, move on to EON, MOVING MARS, and THE FORGE OF GOD. (And for a thorough brain-stretch, dip into CITY AT THE END OF TIME.)

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