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Topic: Plasma jockeys

From: Andrew McN
Location: Glasgow
Date: 01/14/2011

Hello Greg
Just read Cryptum in the last two days. Great book. Very visual (especially the description of the Forerunner Capitol planet). Lived up to the tantalizing mysteriousness of the Halo backstory without being predictable. I think you wrote in exactly the right amount of information. As someone on the Bungie forums amusingly described it - it was a 'loregasm.'

Anyway, I have my own theory about the significance of the various events, but I wont write it all out and ask you to confirm/deny. But just grant me this one small question:

When Bornstellar is being transported back to Orion, he talks to the onboard Engineers about 'plasma jockeys' - Forerunner engineers who are sent INTO young stars along with their AI, to make adjustments, before mysteriously disappearing after 300 years. No more was said on the topic... but I have an inkling... so my question is simply, is this little nugget significant to the upcoming sequels / the Haloverse history? Or was it just a cool aside...

Re: Plasma jockeys

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/16/2011

Everything is grist for the mill, Andrew--but I have no plans at the moment to revisit these courageous teams. (At the moment... !)

Re: Plasma jockeys

From: Andrew McN
Location: Glasgow
Date: 01/16/2011

Oh well, looks like my theory was off. But thanks for answering! FYI, what I was thinking was that the disappearance of the Precursors was related to the destruction of the suns in their original star system. Maybe the Precursors actually lived inside the sun - which seems like a thoroughly far fetched idea, except that Bungie's previous game, Marathon Infinity, featured a mythical beast of vast chaotic power (the 'Wrk'ncacnter') imprisoned within a star.

Marathon, incidentally, is one of my favourite sci-fi narratives of all time. There were no in game cutscenes in those days, so the entire story had to be told through textual monologues from AI characters and other peculiar communications, all accessed by the players through 'terminals.' And I think it was a case of limitations pushing people to heightened creativity. The Marathon Story website was active for a good ten years!

Anyway, looking forward to the next novels.

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