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Topic: Of Precursors, Forerunners, and ancient Humans

From: Eric Hedrick
Location: Chesapeake, Va
Date: 01/13/2011

I just finished HALO CRYPTUM and I am utterly impressed with the book. The charachter development, the vivid environments and storyline which took me to an atypical conclusion was wonderful. I fell in love with the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke and some of your novels such as The Forge of God. This revitalized my love and desire for novels like these. Your style of writing, imagination and ability to convey a GOOD imaginative story is very important and seemingly rare in todays SF. Combining this with the history of HALO is a brilliant idea and congratulations go out to all involved with its development. We the readers are eagerly awaiting plenty more novels about the history of HALO and many more imaginative novels which challenge our concepts, ethics and expand our imagination.

The Precursors were tantalizing
The dynamic between all the races left me wanting to know more
Is there even more to the Flood than we can guess?
The Ancilla, the Domain and Forerunner dreams. More there I believe
It was great. I was burning through the second half of the book as the plot picked up until the very last page.

Thankyou very much

Eric Hedrick
US Navy Diver, Father & avid reader of imaginative and novel Science Fiction

Re: Of Precursors, Forerunners, and ancient Humans

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/14/2011

Many thanks, Eric!

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