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Topic: Revised Wikipedia Way Entry - hope you like it !

From: Martin La Grange
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Date: 12/10/2010

Dear Greg,

I have been re-reading the two main Way novels, Eon and Eternity. They are resoundingly wonderful, and my sincere thanks for both of them. My mathematics became much stronger, as did my Calculus as a direct response to these novels.

I have therefore written a more comprehensive description of the Way for Wikipedia, here - the original version description was by myself also, and will be in the record of the page. (It was amatuerish). Please let me know how you like the current one. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Way_(Greg_Bear) )

Aside from that, I look forward always to the appearance of your new work, and am a great admirer of your work.

Kind regards

Re: Revised Wikipedia Way Entry - hope you like it !

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/11/2010

Many thanks, Martin. Quite a thorough piece, and admirably researched. In another Wikipedia entry about EON, there was a challenge to the idea of a "pi" meter -- originally inspired by reading Hans Reichenbach's THE PHILOSOPHY OF SPACE AND TIME, which likely influenced the whole concept of the Way as well!

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