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Topic: Cant wait til Jan 04!!!!!

From: josh
Location: How specific?? california
Date: 11/02/2010

I'm so exited for your upcoming Halo novel "Halo: Cryptum" But I'm also very worried that you will ruin this fiction I have been a fan of for most my life(i've read all the halo novels based before halo 1) , think you can pull it off based on what I've read about you but forerunners are a touchy fiction that can be easily ruined . I just have one question do you have book 2 finished (like how games are already in production before the first game is in stores)

I hope you can pull it off! I'll be reading it jan 4th = )

Re: Cant wait til Jan 04!!!!!

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/19/2010

Indeed, Josh, everyone has their own vision of what the Forerunners were like... Hope mine meshes with at least a few!

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