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Topic: possible old friend from crawford high?

From: toni johnson
Location: san diego
Date: 10/11/2010

Hi Greg. I remember your interest in writing from high school days. over the years I have enjoyed reading many of your books. I especially enjoyed your contribution to the foundation series. I felt it was the closest of the "three B's" to follow the "one A'z" style. We have both changed a bit over the years but see if your can recognize me. Go to the youtube browser and type in the word depressamine. yes I was the class clown. Have fun. toni.

Re: possible old friend from crawford high?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/30/2010

Hello, Toni! Now wait I minute--I thought I was the class clown! Or Scott Shaw! There was a lot of competition back then... Good to hear from you.

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