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Topic: Greetings from ElsterCon veteran

From: Bernard
Location: Cologne, Germany
Date: 10/10/2010

Hi Greg and Astrid,

I hope you had a safe trip home and took some enjoyable memories of our little Germany and especially Leipzig. I really enjoyed meeting you there and am happy to see the cool picture of us on your facebook site. I also have some pictures, e.g. from our panel, which I will eMail you if you let me know an eMail address.
I meanwhile found out the English title of the book I highly recommend about the battle in the Teutoburger Wald; it is "The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions" by British author Tony Clunn. Maybe it is because I am born in that area, but to me this story of the battle that marked the end of the Roman expansion in the North is one of the most thrilling real-life tales I ever read.
The other book I mentioned to Astrid is "Dark Reflections" by Kai Meyer. This includes the whole "Merle"-trilogy, Kai's best-selling work. The individual books seem to have various English titles, and I am not 100% sure which is which in the German edition - "The Flowing Queen" is probably the first, "The Water Mirror" might be the same book. "The Stone Light" and "The Glass Word" are probably parts 2 and 3. However, I recommend the whole series, so "Dark Reflections" would be the right one. You will find it very European, I suppose - it is Fantasy, but it is deeply rooted in the fairy tales of our old continent and the Mediterranean area.

Hope to hear from you some time,


Re: Greetings from ElsterCon veteran

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/30/2010

Hello, Bernard! We certainly had a fine time in Leipzig, and it was wonderful to meet one of my translators! You should find some of our pictures posted on Facebook, including, I believe, your own! Thanks for the references and recommendations. And thanks as well to all who helped arrange for our lovely visit!

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