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Topic: Grateful

From: Stefan Johansson
Location: Renton WA
Date: 09/17/2010

I have just finished Asimov's Foundation books,now at Benford's, and you're up next with "Foundation and Chaos." What a ride so far! I chuckled a bit thinking that little gekko on TV is using psychohistory to figure out how much to charge me for insurance. It's not always a pen you and your peers are holding, it's a flashlight, illuminating a bored and routine life. I drive a bus and felt a connection to "watching the Empire decay from the ground up". I am grateful to all of you for your imagination and brilliance, I'm enjoying every word. Now it's a damn shame I'm not watching a TV miniseries from all this brilliant material instead of the same crap repeated every day. I turned off the TV and opened these books. Thanks for the joy.

Re: Grateful

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/02/2010

A FOUNDATION TV show is a terrific idea, Stefan...

Re: Grateful

From: Roald Laurenson
Location: Imperial Beach
Date: 10/02/2010

Actually, it is!

Makes you think also and seperately of how well television-intermediate might suit the gestural qualities of an amount of the Bear canon.


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