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Topic: UFO's; do aliens have no imagination?

From: Alex
Location: st neots
Date: 09/03/2010

Why are UFOs all so similar and tedious in their behaviour?

If I had the keys to a UFO, it might amuse me for like, a few days, zooming around with my friends laughing at the terrified reactions of the people whos car I shined my spot light. But it would get old wouldnt it? Sooner or later youd give the keys to Ban Ki Moon and retire to build space yachts, or something, right?

When I was a kid my mum read John Christpopher's chilling Tripod stories. I remember the first book when they arrive, the army find a dissectrd farmers corpse nearby, then invaders emerge and create a cult of human supporters using nanotech neural laces to prepare for a fullscale take over.
They only had a few hundred years of tech on us, hence the need to coerce us into a labour force.
Youd think any alien AI worth its silicon would be able to know everything about us or turn the sun inside out from light years away, so why the spooky looking Greys and the metal implants and the dissected cows?

And yet with all that, and their nutty glowing ball ships that we can actually see with our naked eyes, theyre really disciplined about not revealing anything through observation of their civilizations from space, like wars or giant artefacts or obviously engineered stars. Everything out there seems just as youd expect given entropy and time.
What do people here think? Are they just teenagers from another dimension?

Re: UFO's; do aliens have no imagination?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/14/2010

Actually, back in the 19th and early twentieth centuries, UFOs took on a startling variety of shapes--many of them definitely dirigible-like. Very steam-punkish!

Re: UFO's; do aliens have no imagination?

From: Bill Goodwin
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date: 09/14/2010

Maybe they're machines who've just been out there too long. Relics of a dead civilization, drifting from star to star without guidance or plan, acting out meaningless fragments of a corrupted program. The little grays are synthetic avatars, fearfully advanced but rather stupid. They have no idea why they like to fly loop-de-loops and mutilate cows; these behaviors are degraded forms of activities that made sense in some very different time and place. There's still a chance that they'll reboot, of course. Then they'll shape up, apologize, and ask the cows how on Earth they trained those crazy monkeys to drive automobiles.

In Biblical times people apparently saw wheels and ladders. Later it was succubi and incubi that came out of the air and interbred with us. Science replaced magic and the little green men changed from elves to aliens. Carl Jung's last book was on flying saucers; he believed the disks were "mandalas" representing a wholeness felt to be missing from our modern world.

Re: UFO's; do aliens have no imagination?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 10/02/2010

Sounds like the makings of a novel, Bill!

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