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Topic: You touched my heart in so many ways I cannot put into words

From: Jediah
Location: Port Saint Lucie Florida
Date: 07/27/2010

I have been a teacher/facilitator/instructor of many things ranging the gammit from Kdg. to adults (CPR to Scuba for the Navy @ Pearl Harbor) Having just finished LINK and Darwins Children....I am still crying from memories of taching Special Educ. to the 'learning disabled'...How many times have i shuddered and rages at the tendency to 'sweep them under the rug' because most teachers knew NOT how to treat them/encourage them...being kind, even loving is a bare & partial solution...In learning early on how to hide my own intelligence, I often wept at the lack of 'what next' for these children. Stella is a dream yet realized by society. I ran a summer camp for "the disadvantaged" of Easter Seals many yrs.ago and the counselors (all young teen agers from many states) asked me "How come they act so different when you're around?" at the time All I could say" you have to be defenseless in their presence". I clearly remember the 'ones I didn't know how to reach'=the SEDs,the autistic, the IQ'deficient'(in the eyes of the school systems).I have recently done studies with Dr.V.Vernon Woolf, residing in Sedona Az, who taught me about the holodynes/nanodynes which live inside the microtublars of our cells. He may add much to your store of knowledge. vernonwoolf@holodynamics.com 989 S.Main St. Ste. A Cottonwood, AZ 86326 Ph: 805-384-1565....GOD (Uni Verse) bless you for writing..Now I am off to find 'Vitals'. I also follow Rupert Sheldrake:"Morphic Resonance",
"Chaos,Creativtiy and Cosmic Consciousness"
Aloha, Jediah

Re: You touched my heart in so many ways I cannot put into words

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/18/2010

Many thanks, Jediah. Humility is the hardest therapy of all--for any of us.

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