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Topic: Blood Music adaptation?

From: qiiiss
Date: 07/15/2010

Wiki says this show used a similar premise as in Blood Music, but wasn't there a credit in the beginning saying 'based on Blood Music, by Greg Bear'.


And in the process of looking for this information, I found the following:

Re: Regenerative Medicine = Life Extension?
From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/19/2010

I wasn't referring to human-induced end to natural evolution, but to the apparent phenomenon that ancient and long-stable organisms tend to have very effective immune systems. Sharks, limulus (horseshoe crab) etc. I do not know that this is a demonstrated scientific fact, however. Perhaps I could put the hypothesis this way: If you want to evolve rapidly, be prepared to get sick regularly."

The tail end reminded me of a story by...I can't remember who...where there is a 'serious' sexually transmitted disease running rampant, and one of the characters attempts to 'find' a cure by having sex with as many as he can. He doesn't find it before he's done in...

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