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Topic: World Building

From: Nick Burnette
Location: Port Angeles Wa
Date: 06/14/2010

Hi Greg,

I'm a writer and I've been reading the novel Eternity. I admire your world building skills! I wonder what techniques you use to create such detailed worlds, or if you're just born with it :) Specifically some of the detail in technologies that don't yet exist, the amount of technological lore is impressive. Is much of that there in the first draft or not until the later drafts?

Science Fiction is tricky and I just like your style.

Re: World Building

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/14/2010

Thanks, Nick. It ain't easy--and it does develop in layers, like glazing a painting. The desiderata and crude visuals come first, and then the long, perspiring hours of trying to figure out how that MIGHT be made to work--followed by copious swearing, trimming, and enhancing. Building a future is not a pretty sight!

Re: World Building

From: Kelly Marsh
Location: Everett, WA
Date: 07/23/2010

Greg, thanks for the "copious swearing" bit. :) Well I know it. You figure out how to make something work, and are elated. For a moment. Then you realize your new solution renders a previous one impossible. Copious swearing (and much revising) ensues...

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