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Topic: Thanks to Mr. Bear

From: Robert
Location: Pac NW
Date: 05/28/2010

I'd like to thank Mr. Bear for his excellent representation of the EOD community in the book Quantico. Made it believable and enjoyable. As a former EOD tech it's hard to read most techie thrillers that deal with the subject. Good research is hard to find, and most appreciated.

Re: Thanks to Mr. Bear

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/30/2010

Good to hear, Robert! Thanks. EOD work requires very special people and very special training.

Re: Thanks to Mr. Bear

From: Jon Kroll
Location: Ann Arbor Michigan
Date: 06/08/2010

I also recently "read" (technically, listened to the audiobook) Quantico and absolutely loved it. I am very anxious to read Mariposa.

I am sorry, but I am missing the EOD reference. What does this abbreviation stand for?

I also found a reference in Quantico to a company that sounds very familiar to the one I work for... purely coincidental... :) Maybe I will take a few moments to relate it to Mr. Bear sometime.

Keep the good work. The praise is well deserved.

Jon Kroll
Ann Arbor Michigan

Re: Thanks to Mr. Bear

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/14/2010

Thanks, Jon. EOD refers to Explosive Ordinance Demolition. Bomb squad.

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