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Topic: The Fortean Times

From: Joe
Location: Montreal
Date: 04/12/2010

Hi there-I am not sure which comment by me you are refering to-but here is a thought anyway-I have tried about a dozen times to get replies from the UK magazine of the unexplained called The Fortean Times to no avail. I have read many articles in that magazine that are quite informative, but for some reason they seem to have one of the worst track records for replying to e-mails I have ever come across-I more recently e-mailed them about the new Google Earth 5.0 and that in the lagoon off Robinson Crusoe Island off the coast of Chile thee seems to be underwater ruins-and not of a ship sunk there in 1915 much further out from the shore-check it out-it is truly puzzling...

Re: The Fortean Times

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/07/2010

Fortean Times no doubt has a limited staff. Why not send a letter? That might get a better response. That said, I've taken a scan around Isla Robinson Crusoe and don't see those ruins. But there's plenty of amusement looking across the South Pacific and examining the sites of open-air nuclear tests. Try Bikini and Eniwetok for starters!

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