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Topic: Astrid's copy of "Orbit Unlimited"?

From: Rob Crausaz
Location: Ohio
Date: 03/20/2010

Hi Greg,

Today I bought a used copy of Poul Anderson's "Orbit Unlimited" (can't underline here so...) at Half Price Books (a used book store chain). On the first page of the book (which has blurb for the story) the name "Astrid Anderson" is written in pencil (cursive) with a line drawn underneath it. The name is slanted upwards to the right at about a 45 degree angle. This paperback edition is a second printing from Jan. 1963 (cover price 40 cents). Is that the signature of Poul's daughter (your wife)? Was this her original copy?(I'd be happy to send you a scan of the page with the signature and the cover.)

BTW, I recently read "The City at the End of Time" and thought it was a masterpiece. Truly, this is the achievement of a lifetime and you should be proud to have written it. Even though I haven't read all of your books (I was fortunate enough to read both "Eon" and "Eternity" back in the mid 1990's--both were really good), I can still see why Charles N. Brown thought it was your best book (it would be any SF author's "best book"). Truly, it should be considered a modern day classic in the genre. I was shocked when I went to Amazon and didn't see all rave reviews (really!). Is it because I read a lot more SF than some of those reviewers? Is it because I'm from an older generation than some of them(I'm about 7 years younger than you)so naturally more patient (they were the ones that thought patience was a requirement, to me the story was NEVER, EVER boring). I don't know why every SF fan wasn't as enthralled as I was with your novel (clearly, they should be :-), but I hope its greatness is recognized some day.

My best to you and your family (tell Astrid "Hi" :-),


Re: Astrid's copy of

From: Greg Bear
Date: 03/26/2010

No need for the scan--thanks! Copies do go astray, especially when they get loaned out. And thanks for the kind words about CITY. I don't dip into the Amazon reviews often. It's sometimes hard to tell the difference between thoughtful but critical reviews, and the effluvia of wandering trolls. But the division over truly unusual books can be interesting. Let's hope this is an indicator that CITY is truly provocative!

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