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Topic: Hello there, a request

From: Daniel Vera
Location: California
Date: 03/10/2010

Dear Mr. Greg Bear,

I am very glad to hear that youll be writing the Forerunner Trilogy in collaboration with Bungie Studios and 343 Industries. I am an avid fan of the franchise, and looking through your work, I am sure youll be the best one for the job.

I write because I have one small suggestion in hopes that it would help improve your novelization and explain a certain controdiction that has come up many times in the Halo canon. This issue is the problem of Borens Syndrome.

In the canon, Sergeant Major Johnson is immune to the Flood because of his Spartan-I enhancements(kept secret with the fictional disease Borens) The problem is that if the Forerunners were really so advanced, why couldnt they figure out this cure for themselves?

My suggestion is this: include Borens, but dont make it Flood IMMUNITY, make it Flood DORMANCY. Those who receive this supposed cure appear to be perfectly immune, but Flood DNA is still dormant within them, and as soon as they die, the Flood within makes itself present. This could be a powerful device to use because it triples the threat of the Flood, so even if all Flood are gone, a 2nd wave can easily emerge. Perhaps this is why the Forerunners had to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the galaxy. Perhaps this is why Librarian did not want to return to Didact. Perhaps, perhaps, possibilities abound.

I hope you find this suggestion useful and I greatly look forward to your upcoming work. Regards.

Daniel Vera

Re: Hello there, a request

From: Greg Bear
Date: 03/26/2010

No comment! Working along with the 343 masters on some amazing reveals. The first book is well under way.

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