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Topic: prions and Quantico

From: Bruce Onisko
Location: Kensington, CA
Date: 02/16/2010


I was thrilled with Darwin's Radio, and enjoyed Quantico.

However being a professional prionologist (search pubmed Onisko BC) I need to state that mammalian prion genes in host cells (E. coli or yeast) are not at all dangerous. My lab routinely grows engineered E. coli under Bl1 conditions.

Furthermore, no one knows how to make them infectious, despite alot of work by a lot of good people. (Stan Prusiner believes in an undiscovered Factor "X".) But once we know how, look out!

If you ever want a scientist to review your work or ideas, drop me a line any time.

Best regards,

Dr. Bruce C. Onisko

Re: prions and Quantico

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/18/2010

Thanks, Bruce!

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