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Topic: Are You Experimenting With Fantasy?

From: Joseth Moore
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Date: 01/30/2010

Hi, Mr. Bear, my name is Joseth Moore, Sci-Fi author of the novels "Asteropia," "Lunar Legends," and "The Solar Bridge." You and I have actually corresponded several years ago with the publication of my first novel, "Lunar Legends."
I've been noticing a trend within the Sci-Fi field of Fantasy of late...what I'm wondering is if it's due to marketing reasons (since Fantasy is so popular these days--"Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings," even Vampire tales such as "Twilight").
I've been reading your "City at the End of Time." Compared to, say, "Eon," and other works you've done, 'Time' seems a bit, Fanciful...
***Is this as a result of trying your hand at Fantasy? And if so, is it due to marketing reasons or more of an artistic direction?

Thank you,
Joseth Moore, author of "The Lunar series"

Re: Are You Experimenting With Fantasy?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 02/01/2010

I've always enjoyed fantasy--and written quite a bit of it over the years. As Sir Arthur Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." So if you write far enough into the future, it will certainly seem more like fantasy!

Re: Are You Experimenting With Fantasy?

From: Mike Glosson
Location: Normal Heights, San Diego, CA
Date: 02/18/2010

CITY as Fantasy? Ouch...I think I just stubbed my brain. That's like seeing THE NIGHT LAND as Fantasy.

Now I did say in some of my early responses to CITY that the 21st Centuary and Early Sections, i.e. The Collectors and the Fate Shifters, reminded me A LOT of Tim Power's work...his So Cal/South West Metaphysical/Magickal-Horror/Thriller fiction, but instead of the Occult and Tarotic flourishes with Ghosts and Transpersonal Architype-Intelligences and entirely different "Mythos" and hidden history.

And I think I may have just "barked" my brain on a concept: A Secret History of the World in a World where History itself is unraveling/corrupting

Yet again, that's a concept I still want to play around in....

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