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Topic: Blood Music, Chapter One

From: Jim White
Location: South Carolina (at present, Prachatica, Czech Republic)
Date: 12/25/2009

According to KurzweilAI.Net on December 24 2009,
"The Unither Nanomedical & Telemedical Technology Conference (Quebec, February 23-26, 2010) will focus on development of medical nanobots and nanomedical therapies, nanomedical pharmaceuticals, nano-bio interfaces and hybrids, systems biology to accelerate nanomedical therapies, and telemanagement of miniature in-vivo medical devices, with a keynote by Ray Kurzweil.

Conference co-chairs are Martine Rothblatt, Pr←sidente directrice g←n←rale, Unither Biotech, Inc., and
Baruch S. Blumberg, Senior Advisor to the President, Fox Chase Cancer Center"

Re: Blood Music, Chapter One

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/01/2010

Wonder if Vergil I. Ulam is looking for work?

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