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Topic: Scince Fiction Museum

From: Don Maitz
Location: Florida
Date: 12/21/2009

Hi Greg,

Been a while - Happy Holidays!

I have been in contact with Mike Resnick who suggested I contact you because of your affiliation with the Museum of Science Fiction. I recently painted Mike's portrait on a cover to one of his books as it seemed a fitting image to portray the content of the short story anthology. I am not the only artist who has incorporated authors and other important contributors to Science Fiction as subjects for published art, as we have seen several renditions of such important personalities painted by well established artists over the years. It occurred to me that these renditions contain an interesting nexus for display in a venue like the SF Museum. Original artworks created within the genere might have an opportunity to be preserved and seen by the public. Since likenesses of these subjects are portrayed within the context of their creations by artists with an agenda to present science fiction for the public's consumption, they present more authenticity to the field than a photographic head shot. Also, these paintings relate to specific publications of the author's work which ads an accessible public link to the art, the artist, the author and the published item. Many institutions commission portraits of their founding fathers. In this case, the portraits are already commissioned by publishers and have a public history that relates to the basis of the museum. I am not entirely familiar with the Science Fiction Museum, so please forgive me if this suggestion is out of line. But would the museum have an interest in these kind of works which might make for a unique and appealing public collection?

If you wish to see the image I did for Mike's anthology, Blasphemy, let me know how to forward you a jpeg. Thanks for your consideration, and I hope you are doing well - Janny says hello.


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