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Topic: city at the end time cover art

From: Cameron Conrad
Date: 12/16/2009

I just read an article that a team from Rice Univ. just finially proved in a lab the former theory of borromean rings. Here is a quote:

"Efimov had predicted a quantum-mechanical version of Borromean rings, a symbol that first showed up in Afghan Buddhist art from around the second century. The symbol depicts three rings linked together; if any ring were removed, they would all come apart.

Efimov had calculated that the triplet of bound particles was possible, and that it was repeating: New bound states could be achieved at higher and higher energy levels in an infinite progression. "

Does this have anything to do with the cover art of City at the End of Time depicting (presumably) 3 entangled rings woven together?

Re: city at the end time cover art

From: Greg Bear
Date: 12/17/2009

Now that's intriguing! The symbol/art for CATEOT seems to show two impossibly interlinked rings in an impossible cage. If the cage is considered another one or possibly two external rings, maybe there's a corollary!

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