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Topic: question about darwin's children

From: k dufford
Location: cincinnati, ohio
Date: 11/29/2006

In your story about darwin's children, you used the term "bitch godess". I believe it was alluding to nature or genetics.... After I read your book, I read "Lady Chatterly's Lover", where I encountered the same phrase; "bitch-godess" about 5 times throughout. Did you get your idea from this book? (It was written in 1968) Or is it two human minds trying to express a similar sentiment?

Re: question about darwin's children

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/29/2006

Thanks for writing! (May I call you k?) D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover is a classic, written quite a while before 1968--first privately published in 1928, and very mild by today's standards. Lawrence's biography is fascinating--especially his hopes for freedom of society and expression between the sexes, and the difficulties he actually faced dealing with such matters. While I don't remember grabbing the phrase from his novel, it's possible, but it certainly has currency elsewhere. Of course, in DARWIN'S CHILDREN I'm referring to nature's difficult nurturing-destructive aspects--and so was Lawrence, I suspect!

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