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Topic: Halo and Greg Bear Games

From: Aaron
Location: Tasmania
Date: 10/21/2009

Fantastic to hear about your books on the Halo world, I was wondering considering the interest gaming is developing is it time again to make an aggressive sales pitch for the reverse - that is GB novels converted to games and virtual worlds?.

I loved the Dune novels and movies and then the game came out, awesome stuff at the time. JRR Tolkein world in WOW and other things, I don't read much these days even science magazines have moved aside more and more for quick searches on wikipedia - I shifted to computers five years ago now finally I spend most of my leisure time gaming or trawling the net. I have a "Gamecase" and a bookcase now - Where many titles of the games sit proudly where formally it was books.

Currently I have been eyeing off Virtual Reality headsets looking for a purchase, waiting for the quality and price for gaming/Second Life in V.R. I haven't bought a book for quite some time now where formally a week had not gone by without me purchasing a new book or rereading an old one. The novel is not quite the way of the dinosaur yet but the winds of change are blowing and evolution is calling a warning - innovate, evolve, change.

I have a Silent Hill game which started as a game first and is now a movie, formerly books came first, then the movie and then the game, now the pattern is changing - movies to games then books, games to books then movies etc. I have played heaps of games where bits and pieces of your novels are present terms like Waygates in Warcraft III as your aware and other things scattered like artifacts across movies and games of your work (inertial dampening anyone?). When will it pass through the looking glass into the virtual world? A full fledged Greg Bear world as epic and awe inspiring like "God Does Battle" in Strength of Stones. Sci Fi is making a shift heavily into gaming especially Hard SF where fully immersive environments flesh out the novels into vibrant colour and 5.1 surround sound and the characters can be seen and heard in all their glory and Ye Gods! under my control in that environment! - a dream come true for anyone that has played the numerous Star Wars games and flown the legendary X-Wing fighter with the armada of the Rebel Alliance to come out of the cockpit lightsaber flashing through droids. Mr Bear I am impatient for a slice of the action in your realms and a conversion is long overdue, your books are so good its a shame not to be able to play the games as well or watch the movie - not to mention unprofitable not to!

Is it possible to whisper in your ear to encourage this pursuit more effectively and make the possibility an actual event sooner rather than later?

May the Force Be With You...

Re: Halo and Greg Bear Games

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/05/2009

No whispering necessary--I've been pursuing game options since the late 80s!

Re: Halo and Greg Bear Games

From: Aaron
Location: Tasmania
Date: 11/09/2009

Hey, I was playing "Fallout 3" recently and there is a character guy a "Brotherhood of Steel" knight in it - at the Citadel called Greg Bear! Knight Kodiac I think his title is, there are your hard SF fans in the game programming world!

Re: Halo and Greg Bear Games

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/12/2009

Indeed! And they're smart and fun to work with, too.

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