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Topic: Comings and goings

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 10/20/2009


So I was wondering when the Mariposa promo would start here....looks slick.

Halloween is the last day of Business for Burgettes' Books. Huge sale going on right now. Paperbacks fifty cents each...everything else in the shop 75% off the marked prices.

He's had a store front for, what, at least 3 decades, and now no more...the last good browsing site in San Diego.

The place looks like ants have been at it (like ants at a picknik, or a drumstick left out by an anthill)

There were only two Greg Bear books left in the whole store: A british printing of THE WIND FROM A BURNING WOMAN and a first edition, maybe first printing, of BEYOND HEAVEN'S RIVER.

Not sure how many locals other than Bill Goodwin read your board, but anyone else within driving distance in SoCal should come down and be part of this end of an era of So Cal used Book Store experiences.

And it wasn't the internet that killed Bill's Store. It's a freaking CULT that has been buying up property in the neighborhood for years, and are kicking Bill and the Burgette Books' Experience out of time.

And they have a Studio RIGHT ACROSS THE STREE for Yoga.

They've also kicked out all the other tenants upstairs in the residental area...as they use the building as a dormatory for their female members.

I used to like those folks, and look the other way, now I don't...Trust Fund kids whose parents buy them buildings.


So I wait for Mariposa, while flipping thru my replacement copy of BEFORE THE GOLDEN AGE, in paper back.

Re: Comings and goings

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/12/2009

We're losing good storefront bookstores all over. I've watched Bill go through quite a few locations over the years--he's one of the most resilient bookmen I know.

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