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Topic: Finishing CITY.....

From: patrick
Date: 10/05/2009


I borrowed my copy of CITY from the library. Half-way through reading it, I got....disinterested in reading, in general....and after a spell, when I didn't get any notice from the library, I checked my account online, and it didn't show up. I had nothing checked out. I looked at my receipt, and the bottom half of the receipt was blank. No return date. I had auto-checked the book out, and I obviously wasn't paying close attention to the....deficit. Finally, after a month or two, I checked my account again, and I couldn't log in. When I went to the library recently, they said my account didn't exist - like, it got wiped or something.

Finally, I got back to CITY and have just finished it. Of course I'll return it when next I go.

Thoughts and commentations:

Mike G: Mnemosyne would be Vishnu.

"Amazingly capable cats...."

"Excellent and powerful Shifters, and some are chancers. Gods and masters of those who diminish and gnaw."

I've always dug cats. And quite identify with them in ways, I think.

Ginny: "She had always turned left."

My aunt would say to always turn left.....

"From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/26/2009

With a name like Ishanaxade, she has to be in the story from the very start, no? The core of the story had to be a metaphysical romance."

Hmm. Perhaps at the core, but not to me in the forefront of the narrative. Maybe because I am more a polybiblios than a Sangmer.

And on Poly, he seemed to know what *would* work. The issue was making sure the parts were there for it *to* work. ....although he seemed to be aware they would be....

Re: Finishing CITY.....

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 10/20/2009

Checked out from the Library, but not checked out from the Library.

There weren't a lot of stairs in that Library, with Hexagonal Library Rooms?

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