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Topic: E-Read's 2008 Ed. of Blood Music - Great Writing,Terrible Publishing

From: Frederick Nelson
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Date: 09/23/2009

Apologies for cutting, pasting & editing this email to E-Reads. Just thought you should know about the edition, if you don't already.

To: <info@ereads.com>
Subject: Blood Music by Greg Bear, E-Reads 2008 edition - A Plethora of Printing Pratfalls
Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 11:30 PM

Dear E-Reads:

First of all, thank you for providing this book. I love Greg Bear's writing and am not sure how hard I would have had to work to find an out-of-print edition of this one.

Having said that, I have to ask: have you actually looked at this edition? Do you have any live persons doing proofreading, or is it somehow all done with scanners and software? If live humans on salary, it would appear that, however slight their compensation, it is too much. And if done digitally, perhaps several upgrades or a complete program change might get this one into the Acceptable range. Even Word spellchecker would have caught a lot of it. I've never seen a commercial printed edition of anything with such an impressive collection of both mundane and unique printing errors, eg. c's and l's shoved together to create d's; letters or whole words reversed, replaced or missing entirely; missing punctuation; and more. I proceeded from surprised to disgusted as the errata count mounted. I would have catalogued them, but I didn't want to morph my novel reading into, well, a proofreading assignment. In some cases, I was able mentally to correct the mistakes and move on with little or no interruption in the flow of the story; but too often the confusion created was too great to continue reading without coming to a full stop to search for the hidden meaning. Greg Bear's fine writing is ill served by E-Reads.

Please, do your authors and their readers a large favor and find a way to prevent or correct your printing mistakes before they're distributed on paper.

Sincerely, Frederick Nelson

Re: E-Read's 2008 Ed. of Blood Music - Great Writing,Terrible Publishing

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/23/2009

This has been brought up before--apologies to all who got caught up in a publishing error. E-reads will replace your copy with a corrected copy for free. Just go to the web site. Thanks! (And let me know if you find any other errors...)

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