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Topic: It took me nearly a week to re-read HEADS

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 09/20/2009

and it's barely 150 pages tops!

As I had MOVING MARS fresh in my head, and I sat there thinking about Lunar and Martian Binding Multiples on this reread.

And started reading SLANT yesterday, which as I get into it appears to be a semi-sequel to QUEEN OF ANGELS, or at least further adventurs of the same characters....and I am wondering if Mary and Martin will actually link up in this novel, or be involved in the same larger story, but never actually meet, even though they have info the other could desperately use.

Read your intro to the "future history" of these books in my copy of Heads. Queen of Angels Series doesn't do it for me, and I've been trying to come up with a good name for this future history, which is now linking up with Quantico and its sequel.

Your other future histories are easier to name: EON, Eternity, etc: Either Thistledown or THE WAY.

FORGE and ANVIL: either Planet Killers or Implications of the Fermi Paradox.

The Michael Perrin Books, Sidhe Cycle or something similar.

The Darwin books: no brainer on that one.

But these four or six novels: What would be a good name for them?

Do you have a name for the cycle?

I've been thinking of something along the lines of:


In Chronological Order

As with the first two books (one unpublished) deal with Genetic Engineering/BioTerrorism: control of DNA.


Fruition of NanoTech, AI, and PsychoTherapies.


Accidental Accessing, then Conscious Control of the Fundamental Forces of Nature.

If Baxter hadn't already coined the term, Baryonic Lords would have covered the final two novels in the History.

Back to SLANT:

Now that I've actually enjoyed QUEEN OF ANGELS on a second read, running into Martin Burke and Mary Choy had a very Dickensian feel to it...seeing what happened to certain characters a decade or more later.

Just 50 pages into it, I'm almost as curious as how this came to be written as I am about CITY.

And yeah, I've decided to get over my "father" hang up that kept me from reading DINOSAUR SUMMER all the way thru and finally read it all the way thru...which means starting over...probably in October.

Re: It took me nearly a week to re-read HEADS

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/23/2009

Now, along with MARIPOSA, perhaps a good name for the group would be the Thinker Chronicles? (though in MARIPOSA, Jones is actually more of a Competor than a Thinker...)

Re: It took me nearly a week to re-read HEADS

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 09/23/2009

Thinkers...I haven't fully assimilated their role in the time line yet.

They are a unifying theme thru the books chronologically starting with QUEEN of ANGELS, like R2 and CP30 were supposed to be thru the original 9 Episode Plan of Star Wars.

But in a very different way.

SLANT is much grittier than QUEEN OF ANGELS, and if the Critics didn't call it Nano-Punk, or Pysche-Punk, they should have.

Reading it much faster than the second read of HEADS. Half way thru at this time in my busy week...


Re: It took me nearly a week to re-read HEADS

From: patrick
Date: 09/26/2009

It's really strange reading a current time/very near future fiction that has sequels in the far future. Same with Baxter's COALESCENT....then the final chapter, and on to EXULTANT.

Re: It took me nearly a week to re-read HEADS

From: Andrew Carpenter
Location: France/UK
Date: 12/24/2009

Took me about two hours to read it..having said that, I read different pages with each eye and comprehend things differently to most folk. Am I strange? I think so, although I hide it well though!

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