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Topic: check this (physics article) out, Greg

From: patrick
Date: 09/19/2009


I laughed out loud at this part:

" "We only embarked on this line of experiments because of an accident," says Ristenpart.

I accidentally applied too high an electric field strength, and the water cone extended all the way through the oil and touched the other electrode. Several kilovolts then passed through the water, shorting out the circuit and causing an explosion in the water." "

And scan this response. You can respond now at PhysicsWorld; this dude (?) Ragtime often has some very unorthodox, and fascinating, response - but this one is beyond...like, whack - but not necessarily wacko... :


Sep 18, 2009 1:56 AM

Prague, Czech Republic
Boson Particles Or Creatures?
A simmilar effect can be observed in electroscope during repetetive discharge of pair conductive balls betwen planar electrodes.


This interesting behavior can be interpreted as an emergent effect of surface tension inside of gradient of potential energy: particles are behaving like rather complex communicating organisms (force mediating bosons) in repeated cycles. Pair of such particles is behaving like virtual boson, transferring charge from one electrode to another in "quanta".

If we would increase potential scale accross space-time brane gradient and number of nested level of particle hierarchy, we could achieve a sort of intelligent life conceptually. We are moving from one person to another, exchanging and dissipating energy density gradient of Solar energy like ants.

These bouncing droplets are behaving like intelligent stock-market brokers: buy-sell.. buy-sell-sell... They' appear to solve 1D traveling salesman problem, which closest broker should visit first under given distance and charge density. These dropplets are clever!

Re: check this (physics article) out, Greg

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/23/2009

Once again, I have to ask, when is Bob Forward going to return to help us with all this?

Re: check this (physics article) out, Greg

From: patrick
Date: 09/24/2009

Hahn hahn hahn hahn hahn hahn, no shit!

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