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Topic: Moving Mars: Reader's Notes

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 09/12/2009

Other than Sands of Mars, I am also reminded on this second read, some 15 years later, of Clarke's IMPERIAL EARTH, especially the "flavor" but not the details of the trip to Earth,and then arriving in DC.

It stuns me that the Poltical Aspects of the book were far in the background on my first read, focusing on Mars itself, the "Physics" and the Nanotech.

It many ways I might as well be reading a new Book, instead of re-reading an olde favorite

Last night I definitely "FELL" into the mileau of the book,and of the "Series" (if you can call it that) this is a member of...that I definitely have to go back and re-read HEADS, even though I just read it last year.

While I have SLANT in my current pile, not sure when I will have time on it...major work series of work projects starting Wednesday which will put me back on the 100 hour week schedule, intead of just 65 hr/wk

Any publication schedule for Maraposa yet? Or the Paperback version of CITY?


Re: Moving Mars: Reader's Notes

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/23/2009

Trade paper edition of CITY is out now. MARIPOSA is coming in November!

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