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Topic: Slang Terms in Queen time line: ELOI

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 09/10/2009

I'd totally forgotten by 2005 that use revitalized the term "Eloi" in the Queen of Angels time line.

And used it to describe the ultimate leasure class in that era, and beyond...finding it in MOVING MARS, and think I saw it as I flipped thru my Brand New Copy of SLANT.

I started using the term ELOI in '05 to describe a Majority of Neo-Burners (Trending folks who had fallen into the Burning Man Life style) Neo-Hippies, the vast Pachouli washed mass of New Agers, Half of the SubGeniuses, that majority of Sri Chinmoy followers (a major chunk extremely local to me at the time) and now the Monetary Prosperity-Spirituality Movement...what old Dead Heads would have generally called "Bliss Ninnies"...i.e. people focused on "Pleasure" to the exclusion of all else with no empathy for their fellow humans, and no real work toward keeping the world together, or moving it forward.

I've only crossed paths with a handful of Extremely Wealthy folks who fall into your definition of Eloi...some Trust Fund Babies ground up, So Cal Elite who show up for Openning Day at the Track (I used to do IT support for the Del Mar Race Track)...most of the Mega Rich (Hundred Millionares to Billionares) I have crossed paths with (often in relation to companies I worked out of) have been totally focused on their whole Money Making or Investing Life Style to really enjoy the fruits of their $$$$$.

Not sure when Douglas St. Claire Smith (Author) co-opted the term MORLOCKS for IT and other similar folks who do the "real work" of this modern society...I just started using it myself in June/July of this year.

Halfway thru MOVING MARS...had forgotten so much since the first read, especially a) the Political Intrigue details and b) that this was your third novel with not only a female lead...but written in the first person from her view point...also a "coming of age" getting out of "college" novel.

Looking forward to SLANT, now that I own a copy!!!


Re: Slang Terms in Queen time line: ELOI

From: Andrew Carpenter
Location: France
Date: 01/05/2010

Dear Mike Glosson,

I'm sure that you understand the root of Eloi? It basically means "Lord". It doesn't mean God at all. Go down the route of Ankhenaten if you want to find some truth. The Solar Disc..the "Aten". He was the first Monoatheastic ruler before the Hebrews as far as I can see.



Re: Slang Terms in Queen time line: ELOI

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/06/2010

So Wells's Eloi could have been the lords of the sun-drenched surface...but not the lords of the underworld! Morlock does sound a bit like Moloch, the all-consuming.

Re: Slang Terms in Queen time line: ELOI

From: Andrew Carpenter
Location: France
Date: 01/06/2010

Yes you're right Greg in that respect..I've been looking into the root of "Eloi" recently and have come to the conclusion That the "Elohim" merely means "Lord" as a term of respect or submission. Just to put the cat amongst the birds, I further posit that the ancient Hebrew race are decended from the Semetic desert dwelling nomads commonly now known as "Hyskos".

I've been to Cairo and Luxor many times and have a tiny knowledge of stellae and glyphs. I know that accepted facts are mixed up with religion and mis-interpretations..rumour and fables; and the desire by all conquors to white wash their history.

As for Wells, he was a classical scholar (which I am not)..My Grandparents were however and I'm sure that when Wells made those comments; they'd probably have recognised the Biblical symetry.

(as usual..please forgive my aweful spelling)


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