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Topic: Moving Bill's Bookstore II: Going Virtual

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 09/05/2009

Walked down to the Avenue a little while ago and had a talk with Bill (during which he sold me a replacement copy of MOVING MARS, only paperback...hard back copies appear hard to find).

The Store, due to the largess(sp?)of the Sri Chinmoy people, is going into the garages in the back of the property, and otherwise going totally virutal. Internet Book Store. No walk ins.

When Asked about a new space,Bill said he didn't have the minimum of $30K it would take to do such a move.

I think he burned thru such a nest egg buying THE BOOK BROKER from Robin and Wendy back during the first Bush Economic Downturn, buying their store, lease, and 98% of their stock in the process.

He asked me if I had the $30-$35K for such a move.

No, not any more.

He's not a happy camper, and I am very sad.

All that will be left of Book Row is ADAMS AVENUE BOOKS,which has been where it is my entire life, I even bought rare and not so rare used paperback SF there when I was in 7th grade...but AAB has become, well, kinda "soul-less" in the last year or so...I dread going in there.

On a more cheery note, I just bought at 4 AM today a copy of SLANT, FREAKING BRAND NEW, waiting for it to be delivered.

Which, other than your Star Wars Universe novel, the Halo work in progress, and Maraposa....is the only book of yours I've never purchased and read...

Still haven't completed Dinosaur Summer, as I made the mistake of trying to read that Father and Son adventure on the one year anniversary of my own Father's death.

I haven't read MOVING MARS since I originally bought it in paperback shortly after first publication. The images from that which have stuck with me for over 15 years are the Rain Storm on Mars, and ofcourse the Title Event...if memory serves a lot of the "physics" from ANVIL seep into MOVING MARS.

And reading MM the first time got me to finally read Clarke's THE SANDS OF MARS which some one used as a comparison with your book, before reading MM, I could never get more than ten pages into SANDS...

I've given up on Durrell for the duration, having fallen completely into your prose style...kinda like the cyclic reading "KICK" I would get about Frank Herbert,you know...the one where ya decided to re-read all the original Dune Books and then have to burn thru the entire Oeuvre and end up doing THE HEAVEN MAKERS and the GREEN BRAIN as well.



Re: Moving Bill's Bookstore II: Going Virtual

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/23/2009

Ah, the perfect reader... driven mad by a quest for completion! I've been caught in such cycles myself. Sorry to hear about the further downturn in San Diego used bookstores. My favorite haunts, as well. I suspect Bill will be back up to speed within the year, however. He's a powerhouse.

Re: Moving Bill's Bookstore II: Going Virtual

From: patrick
Date: 09/26/2009

Mike - physics in Anvil seep into MM: dude, more like an evolution of them. As I told Greg more than ten years on the old site, I was already thinking moving matter instantaneously by the end of Anvil.

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