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Topic: Status of film versions of "Forge of God" and "Anvil of Stars"

From: John S
Location: Western MA
Date: 09/01/2009

Hello Mr. Bear,

Darn that Roland Emmerich, he sure seems to like making films which bear an eerie resemblance to scenes/plots/themes that you created with "Forge" and "Anvil". I am thinking of the physical meeting/interrogation scene between the US President (played by Bill Pullman) and the alien in "Independence Day"...and how that recapitulates the great interview with the Visitor in your "Forge of God" novel.

Now, Emmerich is coming out with his latest film, "2012", and the trailers for this show scenes of global destruction which could be ripped right from the pages of "Forge of God". There even seems to be a subplot involving a fleet of "Ark" ships to save a small population with enough genetic diversity to reconstitute the Species.

I wonder if you could give us fans an update on the Development Hell your two novels are going through. Are you at all confident that these will be given a green light and finally go into production? Does Warner Bros. still own the Rights? What is going on?

We all want to see Martin and the Children take the fight to Earth's Killers !

John S

Re: Status of film versions of

From: Greg Bear
Date: 09/18/2009

There's real forward motion on ANVIL OF STARS, more news to come soon, I hope!

Re: Status of film versions of ...

From: Andrew C
Location: San Diego,CA
Date: 11/13/2009

Based on what I have seen from trailers of "2012" I think the FOG and AOS are far more satisfying at an intellectual "could it happen" level than a bunch of rubbish about Mayan calendars! Of all the sci-fi books I would like to see on the screen I think FOG and AOS are probably the ones that would translate the best. I would like to see Peter Hamilton's Pandora's Star series on the big screen , but that would be just too difficult to get into a feature film....

Re: Status of film versions of ...

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/23/2009

Stay tuned!

Re: Status of film versions of

From: Al Brady
Location: St Neots
Date: 03/28/2010

I would sell my parents to work on the concept design side of Anvil of Stars.

I find the malthusian logic of the Killers, the analogy to the death of Easter Island due to resource depletion, the interstellar fear hate and revenge far more chilling than some silly nonsense about the Mayan calandar.
I prefer the Pirelli version.

Re: Status of film versions of

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/10/2010

Thanks, Al!

Re: Status of film versions of

From: darren
Location: england
Date: 03/29/2014

Ok Its 2014. where is the movie of FoG and anvil of stars.

Re: Status of film versions of

From: Greg Bear
Date: 04/07/2014

You must have missed it, Darren! It was released last year, made $2 billion dollars worldwide, earned seventeen Oscars and four Golden Globes! Mostly in the technical categories, however.

NOT. Not yet, that is.

FORGE OF GOD is still in play! Remember that it took over 2600 years to turn THE ILIAD into a movie.

Re: Status of film versions of

From: Munish
Location: Toronto
Date: 05/30/2014

Dear Mr. Bear,

Can't you get in touch with Tom Cruise who seems to have an affinity to making sci-fi movies lately - Oblivion last year and Edge of Tomorrow in 2014. As good as these movies are, I can visualize how mind blowing the Forge of God/ Anvil of Stars series would be - with not just digital sci-fi action but a gripping plot! (J.J. Abrams and Ridley Scott should be mailed copies of these novels - maybe they missed them)

Hope I don't have to wait 2600 years to watch them!


Re: Status of film versions of

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/25/2014

Me, too, Munish! Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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