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Topic: Forge of God Anvil of Stars....Another Bear Alternate Time Line

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 08/23/2009

Just about done with this third, close reading of ETERNITY...and have to actually loop back on an earlier opinion that this was the better book of the Set....EON now appears the better novel, with Eternity a Close second.

Like Planck lengths apart. :)

Anyway...breaking out from Bear Futures to finish Durrell's PROSPERO'S CELL, which I set aside during a series of 25 year migraines last October/November.

So, trying to think about which way to go thru your work next, had thought about re-reading Heads and then Quantico...decided I needed something MEATIER than either, having burned thru EON and ETERNITY quickly

And So Pulled THE FORGE OF GOD and ANVIL OF STARS which I have only both read once before, soon after initial publication.

I'm looking at the Blurb in the front, and the openning events are set in 1996...which at that time were years in the future, nearly a decade...and now over 13 years in the past!


I actually remember MORE of the second book than the first, especially the second system of "Planet Killers" the Kids and the Snakes visit...though the Death of Yosemite is burned forever in my imagination from the first book.

If the Earth is destroyed on July 5th, 1998 I may have to tattle on you!


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