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Topic: Typhon Query

From: Simon
Location: New Zealand
Date: 08/13/2009

Hi Greg

Am I right in thinking that Typhon in City is what the Jart race ultimately becomes? I seem to recall Typhon was the name Rhita's Jart chose in Eternity.

I really need to re-read City, I tend to rush a book the first time, just to find out what happens, then re-read at a leisurely pace and really enjoy the writing. I'm not afraid to admit I found City challenging, yet still immensely enjoyable.



Re: Typhon Query

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/18/2009

Simon gets the prize! You're the first to pick up on that. But in fact the two are not related... at this point.

Re: Typhon Query

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego
Date: 08/22/2009

Whoa...I hadn't put that together at all...more thinking along the lines of the Mad Mind/Malign VS. Vanamonde(or similar entities).

A WAY/CITY cross over possibility...Greg stop the room spinning!

Actually, when I first got wind of "The Collectors" my first thought was "Jarts"

Re: Typhon Query

From: patrick
Date: 08/24/2009

I don't recall whether I mentioned this, but you seem to be doing what Baxter did within his Xeelee Sequence. Which is cool. (Of course, Asimov did this way back, but not in as interesting a fashion, both within the story, and in writing/publicatin chronology.)

Re: Typhon Query

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/28/2009

Actually, no intention of conflating the two. Just that the name was so totally appropriate in both instances...

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