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Topic: Moving Bill's Bookstore

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 08/09/2009


Went down to Bill's Store to a) get a replacement copy for my long lost EON, and find out what was up with his Store.

He told me he was temporarily moving everything into the back. When asked what was going into the Store he said a Yoga Studio...and I pointed with my thumb back over my right shoulder: The Sri Chinmoy People?

Bill: Yeah, they bought the Building.

Me: Ah...they're back into a property buying mode. There were presistent rumors six years ago they were gonna buy El Paraiso...a bunch of the tenants even considered joining the group...not knowing that El Paraiso is locked int the Edwin Hom trust, and his Kids (older than you!) cannot sell it in their life times...though many people have made offers against that property.

So what it means is Sujantra, the "Kid" in charge of the San Diego Sri Chinmoy Group, has convinced his Mom to buy him another building to donate to the group. A good number of the women members have been moving into the Apartments upstairs of Bill's Store, pretty much making it a female dorm for the group.

Which makes me wonder if Sujantra is gonna kick the Amazon Couple OUT.

There's LOTS of empty store fronts along Adams Avenue that may or may not be within Bill's Rent Range...but right now it's a renters market in San Diego...

Though this move by the Sri Chinmoy people's going to cause a bit of bad feelings along that block.

Eventually it will just be THEM verse Lestat's for owning property on the 33rd Hundred Block of Adams...at least on the south Side.

Back to Queen of Angels now...


Re: Moving Bill's Bookstore

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/18/2009

Reminds me of the days when Chuck Valverde would fill us in on the politics of downtown San Diego!

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