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Topic: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 08/08/2009


Re-reading QUEEN OF ANGELS, the one and only one novel I DID NOT LIKE on the first read (but two decades later may actually be mature enough to grok it) has gotten me into thinking again about your work as a larger whole...something I was trying to do right before CITY came out last year (which may get read #4 later this year) and while QUEEN stuck in my craw for a time, I find that I bought ANVIL OF STARS when it came out in Paperback in the post '92 years...though I didn't read LEGACY until last year (or was it '07?!?) and I bought a hard back edition of MOVING MARS shortly after it came out...but missed the whole Darwin's books until a year or two ago, and still have not read

But I think it was your statement at the Book Signing on your Birthday last year that QUEEN is the world that QUANTICO and yet to be published MARAPOSA are leading up to...with MOVING MARS being further on in that time line.

Over the years with running a self funded Lending (but never getting back) Library and THE BIG MOVE major sections of my Library have suffered...Hardback editions of several of your books have disappeared in the duration.

I have ETERNITY, but no EON. I now have Queen again, but my Hardback copy of Moving Mars.....?

Full copies of your Earlier works, though some are replacement copies.

So many that I bought new, and first editions, so many sprouted legs over the years...but that was the El Paraiso Era...not as easy for such things to happen here at The Hidden House of $1@(J.

I get on this Lit/Crit/History kicks when major projects stall...our discussions about Stapledon last summer before CITY hit print came out of a similar situation in '96 when I re-read Dr. Benford's entire Galactic Series, which had just finished up a few years before (I still have the second set of 3 books in Hardback First Editions!) with Last & First Men/Star Maker, Clarke's Diaspar iterations, Brian Aldis's "Long View" stories and novels (Galaxies like Grains of Sand, Hot House, Starswarm, etc.)

Yeah, the Gnostics Project C&B'd at about the same time last year as did my own "Final City" novel and the Economy...and more parts of the GP have unravelled in the last few months, as certain sources and collaborators on that had their own divergent agenda and some supurious root assumptions...and may have to wait six months to a year before I can get back to it.

So, Bear Futures: I think many others have already pointed out that most of your projected future histories are limited to two Novels: Though "The Way" ends up with Three when we throw in LEGACY.

I just zipped over to your Wiki: No one there yet has caught on to your statment that Quantico/Maraposa leads into Queen of Angels...and also answer the question I was going to pose to you whether or not Heads fit into that time line.

So that time line/series which some one has tagged as "Queen of Angels" would be your most ambitious continued strand of events:

Queen of Angels
Moving Mars

Though I am not certain of the positions of / and Moving Mars.

So that would be Six Novels set in the same shared History, with major gaps between some of the sets in the time line.

Just a little something to throw the creative/arts part of my brain into while I wait for my MOJO to come back.

While my future posts for the next few weeks here will be about my more mature reactions to QUEEN OF ANGELS, expect from time to time some commentary as I return to the various future histories you've mapped out, from the vantage point of now seeing a larger body of your work grow over the last four decades, three of which I have observed as it happened (had to back track in the late 70s on your earlier Galaxy appearances)

Eater of Books (what the wife calls me)

Re: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/18/2009

SLANT follows QOA and comes before HEADS and MOVING MARS.

Re: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Mike Glosson
Location: Poway, CA
Date: 08/18/2009

Thanks for the correction!

As a Wiki editor (on occasion) I have been contemplating having the maintainers make changes to your page(s).

The one for CITY is sparse at best.

Breaking out from the QOA time line and working thru THE WAY, then on to Planet Killers duet...maybe break out for Some Durrell which I am way behind on.

Currently your works under re-read, and the Durrell I have failed to read, are sitting on the same "In Progress" shelf.

Which reminds me...is there a reason the First City in Thistledown was called Alexandria? Have I missed the passage that does the history? Or a sly like to where Patricia ends up on Gaia?

Re: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/18/2009

City Memory, perhaps? A great library of souls?

Re: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego - Normal Heights
Date: 08/19/2009

I have often wondered if Alexandria is the "Root" or "Seed" City for Diaspar (conversely, from it's design with the Central Park: NYC)which lead me to the speculation that Seattle is the "Seed-City" for Distant Kalpa.

Actually caught up on Work for the first time in 3 months and finished the rest of EON last night. Not sure why I didn't like it 100% (maybe 85%?) on the first read, as it addresses themes and concepts that have been an interest of mine since the '70s. So now I have to wonder how I am going to feel about ETERNITY, which I have read twice before, but the last time had to be 12-15 years ago. As I like that one 110% and 120% on those two reads.

I have two special shelves in my Library, one dedicated to the Stapledonian Vista, the other to Well Thought Out Alternate Reality Novels/Concepts. Wanting to Place EON on one of these shelves, not sure which one it does best...currently set on the Alternate Realities Shelf...which perhaps I should label "Neo-Platonic-Time Tales"

And this dove tails back to some initial questions about CITY and the realtionship to EON we tossed back and forth here...I think in November 2007...where I'd asked if CITY was an extenion of EON and you had hinted that EON could fit into a small corner of CITY.

I had almost forgotten last night about where the finally offcially openned gate in the Way lead to, 100 LY down the way itself, to a position where the relativistic passage of the Geshel half of Axis CITY had passed and passed into, and a place far beyond the end of universe.

Even beyond the 100 Trillion year mark? I could probably sit down and try and do the math converting 1 year per thousand KM of WAY moving forward in time.

Ah, google knows all, praise all knowing google:

1 light year = 9.4605284 ᅲ 10 to the 12th kilometers

So 100 Light years would be

9.4605284 X 10 to the 14th Kilometers

So something like 946 Trillion years past the present.

Which puts that location for Axis City to pass thru pretty close to the extreme point I speculated that the events in CITY could occur (which could with 10 the 14th years be up to 999 Trillion at the extreme, but not in to a Quadrillion Years)

And from what I remember of ETERNITY, that's not even a fraction of the way Axis City will travel before it comes to the "Final Terminus" of the Way...which was something like the Final Creation revealed at the end of STAR MAKER, if memory serves correct.

Pit I can't have an in-between shelf for these two books, as they span both subgenres/concepts....


PS: regarding a potential collection of your earlier works in alternate form: The Alternate Bears does not work quite, as there was quick and catchy alliteration with THE ALTERNATE ASIMOVS.

About the best I could think up was THE BIFURCATED BEARS, which would imply a "Branching Off", perhaps from the final work.

But then we get the possibility of a collection called:

BEAR BRANCHES for a collection of Alternate Original versions of pieces.


Re: The Bear-Ish Futures

From: Greg Bear
Date: 08/28/2009

Bifurcating bears... sounds like the beginning of a grisly recipe!

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