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Topic: Map of Lamarckia

From: Scott Schommer
Location: Dearborn, MI.
Date: 07/25/2009

Hi, I was wondering if you have a map of the planet Lamarckia from the book Legacy that you could email me. I just read Eon again and loved it and then I picked up Legacy and Eternity. After I finish those I'm going to check out some of your other books as well.

Thanks and take care,


Re: Map of Lamarckia

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2009

I have a crude map somewhere in the manuscripts... I'll try to find it, but no promises!

Re: Map of Lamarckia

From: Michael Cohen
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Date: 01/13/2015

Came here looking for the same thing - a map of Lamarckia. I'm kinda surprised I can't find any via Google. Reading Legacy now, the part 1/3rd of the way through about Alphonse Jiddermeyer's sailings. I'm a visual learner, so a map would certainly help! :)

Love your work, Mr. Bear! I typically don't remember much of what I read after 6-12 months (unless it's a second reading), but that depiction of (trying to avoid spoilers here) the very momentous final scene of Forge of God has suck with me since I first read it 15-20 years ago. I even had it in mind when watching the movie "2012". ;)

Re: Map of Lamarckia

From: Greg Bear
Date: 01/24/2015

Thanks, Michael! I may have a map of Lamarckia lying around somewhere. If I find it, I'll post it!

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