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Topic: CATEOT, other

From: mko
Location: kl ont
Date: 07/22/2009

Ursa Major! Just did the archives; very enlightening. Recommended reading for new-tons (like me). Lots of Q's already A'd. Over and overandover...
I don't know where you find the time for all this chatter (no offense), plus the RDA, on top of the research and gestation and mental labor I know you must go thru to give birth to these novels, these children.
More power to you. I imagine when Jill's studying whether humans can be trained to do five or six things simultaneously, she'll be consulting with you by then. :^)~ (BTW, what does INDA stand for?) (and YOX?)

Still digesting the Cats who Ate The Evil Omega Typhon (sorry).
You've taken us to some dark dark places lately but this Terminus is
truly horrifying, the most vivid depiction of death I've ever read.
The death of birth indeed. I'm not sure whether it's the effect of
Typhon eating history, or the universe's "immune" response to that creative madness, but it almost defies contemplation.
And what's with Ginny and her little "scissor" gesture? Is she a little Terminator herself? The archetype, cutting world-lines ahead to escape
the Gape? This is one crazy playground you've built.

Speaking of Terminator, I'm reading Wired for War, and guess who pops
up on pg. 160 (and later, apparently)? Our intrepid Navy brat himself!
Not enough kudos in this world for you. Another scary book too, BTW.
Gives a whole new meaning to Magnus, Robot Fighter.


Re: CATEOT, other

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2009

P.W. Singer interviewed me about sf writers and their contributions to government agencies and think-tanks. Wired for War makes enlightening reading!

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