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Topic: Time travel, anthropomorphism, and happiness

From: patrick
Date: 07/20/2009

I don't recall what concept or train of thought led me to this, but this morning in bed I somehow got into thinking about the scene in the most recent movie version of The Time Machine where the time traveller cannnot change his fiance's fate of death.

Well, why not? Why is any 'time' more important than any other? For that matter, is there any way to truly delineate between events?

Perhaps certain parts of events have some kind of energic density that is greater than others? If that were the case, then it comes to mind a GUT would address this. Which also leads to the idea that time could be manipulated simply by energic transference.

Or, is anthropomorphism - our conception and perception of 'time' - the determiner of events?...because if so then simply by changing out emotional conditions, events would truly be different. Time could be re-woven simply by our feeling differently!

I think ultimately the answer is something like the zen 'mu'. But in that, there is at least an implication to emotionally reconcile one's self.

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