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Topic: ComicCon 2009?

From: Mike Glosson
Location: San Diego, CA
Date: 07/18/2009

Other than that Founders Panel/Presentation, what else are you doing at Con this year?

That's the ONE thing the Wife is making certain she's attending....she's a long time friend with Richard Alf.

Correction: she's not sure she's going to last that long on Saturday....if she endures and endures the line for the room, she will be the LOUD red head dreased either Steam Punk or Diesel Punk.

Unless some one abducts me from my Job and shoves a pass in my hand I won't be making it to ComicCon...and of those two possible events, the successful Abduction from my job is the least probable.

As a side note, the "Hidden Earth" in a final edit may actually get some air play...if that "Editor" ever surfaces from her back log at the small press she kicks books into publication...probably about the time Earth is safely hidden inside the swollen sun.

Re: ComicCon 2009?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2009

Back from HUGE Comic-Con this Sunday. Lots of fun, and the founders panels went well. More movie stars than you could shake a stick at--in the elevators, on the convention floor, buying comics or promoting ideas. And lots and lots of authors, as well. For everyone who complains that Comic-Con is no longer about comics, I saw dozens of booths big and small selling comics... and hundreds of artists and publishers promiting comics and graphic novels, as well. 40 years of history! Comic-Con today, in its proportion and emphasis, is pretty much the way I remember it in the 1970s... But writ very very large.

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