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Topic: Tv series? Who would play Kaye?

From: Nj£ll Andersen
Location: Grindav■k, Iceland
Date: 07/03/2009

Dear Mr. Bear

My name is Nj£ll Andersen and I live in Iceland. I have written to you once before some years ago after I read rogue planet, the first star wars book I had ever read. I have to say I have not yet found your vivid discriptions of places and events in some of the other star wars books I have read since.

A book I recently finished reading is Darwins Radio....a possible t.v. series came to mind after I read it such was the need to continue following Kaye and Stella on their journy.

I'm not really much of a reading kind of person. I'm a mechanical engineer and most of the stuff I read has equations in it and can be quite boring. When I do read I have come to realize that a Bear book can't go wrong.

Best regards, Nj£ll

Re: Tv series? Who would play Kaye?

From: Greg Bear
Date: 07/28/2009

Many thanks! Thank goodness somebody's willing to work with equations... My head is better suited to biology and theoretical physics without the math, I'm afraid.

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