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Topic: The Final Theory

From: Steven Calvert
Location: Wiltshire, UK
Date: 06/07/2009

Hi Greg

As someone whom I have long admired as one of the world's true thinkers, I wondered if you have stumbled upon Mark McCutcheon's 'expanding atom' theory, published under in the book 'The Final Theory'.

If so, any comment? If seems to me remarkably compact, elegant and succinct, and notably, willing and able to tackle many of the ignored flaws in standard theory. I'm not a scientist, and I'm not qualified to comment on its accuracy. It just 'feels' right, and with what knowledge I have, I am unable to find flaw with it.

The book has promoted extensive layman debate on the net, but very little 'establishment' response. This would seem to be because it is either not worth commenting on ... or it is correct, and it's impact so profound that the scientific community does not know how to respond.

If you have read it and can fault it, I'd love to know. If you have not, may I (humbly!) recommend it as incredibly intriguing, and most definitely of interest to a creative mind like yours.


Steve C

Re: The Final Theory

From: Greg Bear
Date: 06/09/2009

Haven't come across this one yet. Thanks for the reference, Steven!

Re: The Final Theory

From: patrick
Date: 06/09/2009

I've heard of this. I think there was a bit of discussion on Sabine Hossenfelder's blog, Backreaction (http://backreaction.blogspot.com/), by her and those who frequent it, and as they are largely phycisists and cosmologists and such, they are worth listening to.

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