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Topic: Retrovirus brought back to life

From: Dave
Location: WI
Date: 11/02/2006

Longtime fan here. Thank you for existing. I thought you might find this article interesting:


"In a controversial study, researchers have resurrected a retrovirus that infected our ancestors millions of years ago and now sits frozen in the human genome."

Made me think of you when I saw it. Looking forward to reading Quantico. Any rough idea when the City at the Edge of Time will be published? Next year?

Re: Retrovirus brought back to life

From: Greg Bear
Date: 11/02/2006

Interesting piece, Dave! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. One more piece to fill in the puzzle. QUANTICO will be published this spring in the U.S. by Vanguard Press, and CITY AT THE END OF TIME may be published in late 2007, early 2008. Have to get it finished first!

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