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Topic: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: Sue Thompson
Location: Georgia (HotLanta area)
Date: 05/26/2009

I'm rereading my copies of both and wishing once again you'd revisit the story.(Darwin's Radio and Darwin's Children) I do see how its "over" and has come to a natural conclusion, but we all like to catch up on old friends even when we know things workded out for them.
I'm not hard core Sci Fict, but LOVED the above mentioned.*monsters are not my thing. Which would you suggest as another path to take to broaden my base of sci fi, and oh...How much sci and how much fi led you to this theorization and its outcome?
Mainly wanted to get the mention of these 2 awesome books back out there. I pass them along and rebuy them when they aren't returned. Never know when the desire to read an old favorite will strike.
And I'm so Old I have Lots of Old favorites! But there's always room for new favorites too, and I also have them.
Thanks for you! And congratulations on your accolades, all well deserved, if not more!
Thanks ever so for your time!

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/29/2009

Many thanks, Sue! I do hope you'll stick with me for my next novel, soon to be written... a few monsters are guaranteed!

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: patrick
Date: 05/30/2009

Just wanted to make mention of (something that DS has often talked over with regard to himself) the fact you're able to write wildly-different thematic content. It's nice.

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: Greg Bear
Date: 05/31/2009

Some call it lack of discipline. I call it "not getting bored"!

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: patrick
Date: 06/03/2009

Sounds like they mean you're not being dogmatic. Forsooth!

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: Richard Zander
Location: St. Louis
Date: 06/03/2009

Darwin's Radio resonated with my research on evolutionary (not geologic) Lazarus taxa. If you have an evolutionary tree, and the same group or species appears in two different molecular lineages, then the inference is that a "virtual fossil" may be mapped at the juncture of their lineages on a molecular evolutionary tree. That virtual fossil is the direct ancestor of all the lineages coming off the tree farther out on the branch. This is new stuff. I notice that you found Caporale's (thought experiment) work, citing it in Darwin's Children. Your scenario of course drives the Darwinian advantage of preadapted (exapted) trait complexes to the extreme, but that is the joy of it. Thanks! for the two most enjoyable stories. Yes, yes, you must finish them, Olaf Stapleton be damned. For more info, search the Web for "evolutionary Lazarus taxa."

Re: Darwin's Radio and Children

From: steven Becker
Location: San Jose
Date: 06/05/2009

Thank you for pointing this out. I never picked up on this before, but I couldn't agree more that it is one of the great pleasures of reading Mr. Bear's works.

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