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Topic: Story Work

From: Addison Kerr
Location: Maryland
Date: 05/22/2009

Thanks for your questions about the Ghost Factory story - I appreciate it. I am researching the Industrial Revolution and doing some writing. I will email you with what happens when it happens!

Re: Story Work Indstrrial Revolution)

From: Andrew Carpenter
Location: Cauterets, France
Date: 06/05/2009

Dear Addison,

I totally agree with you; the Industrial Revolution in Britain was probably the great leap forward for most of humanity. One only has to look at Graham Robbs' biography of Arthur Rimbaud the poet, to realise the impact that an industrialised city on the scale of London would have on a French country boy...Robb says that it would have been like walking on the deck of Star Ship Enterprise.

I only hope that the next "Great Leap" will happen soon..its time after all..and when it happens the second revolution may encompass free energy, carbon free travel and an end to racial hatered..A pipe dream? perhaps, I hope to see it in my lifetime anyway



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